Welcome Back!

(...now covering up to End of 2023 film dates!)

We aim to show entertaining films in a relaxed "cafe atmosphere" on roughly a fortnightly basis. To try and promote a laid-back feeling, some of the seating is arranged around cafe tables, on which you can place your bar purchases (see below).

Please note that arrangements are under continual review in the aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdown, and details of the arrangements may be found on the David Hall website (under "How to 'Stay Safe' at The David Hall"), a link to which may be found by selecting the "links" button on the left.

Feel free to have a look around this site. Find your way around by clicking on the buttons on the left. We believe you should be able to find all the information you need from this site (and maybe a bit more than you really wanted....). If some of it doesn't work as expected, or if you want to make some constructive suggestions, please tell us. The easiest, and most direct method, is to e-mail the webmaster (a fancy name for the guy who thinks he knows how to fix any errors!) by clicking on the "Webmaster" link at the bottom of this panel. This will open your e-mail with the correct address already set up....I hope!

If that doesn't work either (let's face it, you just can't get the staff), then collar one of us at one of the film evenings, and I am sure the message will get through!

Petherton Picture Show
c/o David Hall Arts Centre
Roundwell Street
South Petherton
Somerset TA13 5AA