Petherton Picture Show News

David Hall Refurbishment

When the new Autumn 2009 season opens, PPS, like the rest of you, will be agog at the marvels crafted during the David Hall's summer 2009 refurbishment. Part of this refurbishment involves moving all of PPS's technical equipment to a new location, which should result in a more professional appearance. However, those of you who are entertained by the visits of Mr Cockup to the PPS evenings need have no worries. We are sure that he will continue to be a regular visitor, at least until we have sorted out all the bugs entailed in moving all our clobber.

Film Programme

Surprisingly, the choice of films for Petherton Picture Show is not as extensive as one might believe. PPS is dependent upon a small number of suppliers to provide the films we show for our members, and there are supply problems with some of them. As a result, we sometimes withold making a final choice of film until we know we can confirm its availability. In consequence, we sometimes do not know all the films in the forthcoming season, and we have to put in a "place marker" or "TBA" into the programme.

PPS apologise for this, but it is beyond our control. We can only update this web site, and announce the film titles at film showings, when we know what they are.

Future Programme Film Suggestions

The Petherton Picture Show committee choose the films for each season, using their judgement as to the type of film that would be well received. If you have any suggestions for films to go into the next season, please feel free to pass them on to the committee members. However, we make no promises - remember that each season only consists of a small number of films, and this must be balanced against their likely appeal and availability.

PPS Funding

The Petherton Picture Show committee is always trying to obtain funding from the National Lottery and other sources, including the occasional raffle (ie: anywhere we can scrounge money from) to enable improvements to be made in the following areas:

We wish to keep improving, so if you think you could help us in any of these areas, or wish to make suggestions to improve PPS, talk to us !!