For those of you with an interest in this sort of thing, we have compiled a list of links that you may find useful or of interest. (Of course you could also be bored to distraction by some of them...). Selecting any of the links will open a new window containing the linked site. If any of the links are dead (ie: nothing appears in the new window), please let us know, and we will take the appropriate action.

Local Links

Petherton Arts Trust

South Petherton's Web Site

The Royal Oak pub, Over Stratton

Moviola - The South and West's Rural Multiplex

Yeovil Cinematheque - Yeovil's Film Society

Film Distributors

20th Century Fox

Buena Vista International

Sony Pictures

Film Four


United International Pictures

Warner Bros


Odeon (& ABC) Cinemas

UCI Cinemas

Vue Cinemas


The UK Film Council

British Film Institute

British Federation of Film Societies - SW Group

The Unofficial UK Filmsocs site

The Internet Movie Database

IAC - the Film & Video Institute (the UK organisation for amateur movie makers)