A Street Cat Named Bob

2016 - UK

Certificate 12A - Biography / Comedy / Drama

Featuring: Luke Treadaway, Bob the Cat, Ruta Gedmintas, Joanne Froggatt, Anthony Head.
Directed by: Roger Spottiswoode

Running Time: 1 hr 43 mins

Homeless and a recovering drug addict, James Bowen (Luke Treadaway) is running low on his luck. He’s given a last chance to turn his life around by his support worker, Val (Joanne Froggatt), who helps him to finally be given his own flat to live in.

As James attempts to build a life and future for himself by busking in Covent Garden, he struggles to gain any traction as the London crowd passes him by. Whilst in the bath one day, he hears a break-in and finds a ginger cat in his kitchen eating the corn flakes.

Thinking it belongs to a neighbour, he sets out to find the owner.