Petherton Picture Show is run by a committee (couldn't you tell?), made up of the following fine people, who are all volunteers:

Simon Clifford
Martin Davies
Cliff Keating
Dave Rowley
Alan Wilson

For easy identification of the guilty, most of the above wear identification badges at each film showing, so feel free to pass on feedback or suggestions.

The committee, apart from setting out the seating in the hall and setting up the projection equipment for each showing, also choose the films, direct the development of PPS, and get a free bottle of beer for their trouble.

The Committee also doesn't know how lucky it is (so we are told) to actually have the active and good-natured help of the following people, who actually do all the real work:

Angie Keating
Brian & Judith Turtle
Mike Woodhead
Gillie Bray
Ian Baker
Paddy Earle